Property Required

Housing Requirements

Henley Healthcare Investments is always keen to hear of housing stock or developments for sale across the UK.

Ideally we seek one of two types of development :

  • Cluster flats, eight to twelve one bed self-contained apartments in a single block on good transport links into town centres.
  • Large houses, suitable for three to four people sharing and with space for an overnight carer. Typically London Boroughs or other city centres.


Henley Healthcare Investments are also interested in acquiring portfolios of property that are suitable for providing supported housing.

These portfolios typically come from :

  • Care operators, seeking to separate the landlord/care function
  • Mental health trusts
  • NHS trusts
  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations, looking to release equity, reduce debt or realign focus
  • Private landlords

s106 Affordable Housing Obligations

All housing Henley Healthcare Investments invests in is affordable housing, and so we are able to acquire s106 Affordable Housing Obligations from developers, either on a turnkey off-plan basis, or in some instances we will acquire the land and develop out the scheme ourselves.


Local Authorities

LAs face significant cut-backs in social care budgets whilst still needing to provide first class services to an ever-increasing demographic of people. Henley have the cost-neutral solution to the problem.


At Henley we see ourselves as an integral part of the network of players required to deliver successful supported housing solutions by engaging at the earliest possible stage of the process.

Housing Associations

We work with a wide range of Housing Associations, charities and care operators to offer an alternative to the default “developer” scenario, which we know is neither feasible nor desirable.

Our shared vision is for integrated care and support to become the norm in the next five years… National and local organisations need to take urgent and sustained action to make integrated care and support happen.

Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health

For more information, please contact Andy Brandon, Managing Director: