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A time of change

This is truly a time of change within the sector.

The Welfare Reform Act, the introduction of the Universal Credit system, the impacts of the Winterbourne View Review are probably the three largest drivers of change in recent times. However there are external factors forcing change on the sector as well.

At a time of global economic upheaval and uncertainty, with significant cut-backs in social care budgets imposed by central Government’s Spending Review, combined with an ever-increasing demographic of people needing a myriad of care and support packages, means we all need to consider alternative ways of delivering a more efficient and effective service.

Long term secure housing solutions

At Henley Healthcare Investments we are able to provide a cost-neutral solution to source, acquire, develop and modify housing for people with support needs.

Our buildings are run and managed by Registered Housing Providers (RP) who work in collaboration with care operators to support residents commissioned directly by Adult Social Care (ASC). This collaborative arrangement allows for the separation of landlord and care provider, which is an key factor in allowing people to live independently.

We are also able to source and fund housing for an individual tenant in a single apartment right through to large houses for six to eight tenants in shared accommodation or beyond to schemes of cluster flats (eight to twelve self contained one or two bed apartments) or indeed up to 50+ units of Extra Care housing.

We source our property from developers with s106 obligations, we acquire on the open market, and we also develop our own schemes where possible or necessary. We can also work with an Local Authority to provide bespoke services that may be more unique in nature.

Cost effective

We understand the need to reduce costs without impacting on the quality of the provision of care and support. Through our collaborative approach of working in partnership with ASC, RP’s and care operators, as well as with Housing Benefit departments we can help coordinate a better approach that provides a more cost effective solution to the battle between reducing costs and improving care.

There are many reports that evidence the cost efficiency and value of preventative services over intervention services, including Capgemini’s report showing every £1 invested in preventative services results in £2.13 of savings to statutory services, or the National Housing Federation’s report that shows integrating care, support and housing can result in ASC savings of £18,000+ p.a. per person. e.


HHI can meet 100% of the costs of acquisition and development, along with all associated fees. Whilst there is no requirement for capital contribution from LAs, some LAs have capital funding, land or buildings to invest in services, which we are able to work with via our RP partners. The RP will ensure rents, support and service charges are  approved and met by Housing Benefit.



At Henley we see ourselves as an integral part of the network of players required to deliver successful supported housing solutions by engaging at the earliest possible stage of the process.

Housing Associations

We work with a wide range of Housing Associations, charities and care operators to offer an alternative to the default “developer” scenario, which we know is neither feasible nor desirable.

Property Required

At Henley we have demand for housing right across the country and are looking to acquire suitable housing stock for new build, open market property, off-plan sales or development opportunities.

Our shared vision is for integrated care and support to become the norm in the next five years… National and local organisations need to take urgent and sustained action to make integrated care and support happen.

Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health

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