About Henley Healthcare Investments

Henley Healthcare Investments work in partnership with local authorities, care operators, Clinical Commissioning Groups and charitable organisations to help offer residents best of class housing.

Helping People to Live Independently

Henley Healthcare Investments help facilitate the provision of much needed specialised supported housing for vulnerable adults enabling them to live more independently.

Many people who require some level of care and support are able to live independent lives, but are prevented from doing so because of a lack of available appropriate housing. These individuals may find themselves housed incorrectly (and expensively) in care homes or nursing homes, or still living at the family home that may be ill adapted for their needs. They may also be cared for by family members who are themselves elderly and in need of care and support.

Independent living is not about living on your own, it is about having the choice to live as you would like, to choose where to live, who to live with and who provides your care and support. Henley Healthcare Investments are proud to be part of the solution that helps people gain that independence.

Socially Responsible Investment

Henley Healthcare Investments is part of the Henley Group of companies, funding all housing and development through private investment.

Whilst we are able to work with authorities who have capital funding or land to invest into schemes to help subsidise the service upfront, Henley Healthcare Investments has access to significant private funding, so investment into a Henley Healthcare scheme does not rely on any form of public capital subsidy.

Our investors choose to invest in steady, low risk strategies that are socially responsible and provide a positive contribution to local communities. We see the work we do provides a winning scenario for all parties involved.

  • First and foremost, vulnerable adults have more choice of where to live made available to them. This by itself is great news
  • Local Authorities, through Adult Social Care, are able to reduce costs without reducing standards of care
  • Housing Associations are able to improve the services they provide and are able to grow their business models without taking on further financial risk
  • Investors have the opportunity to invest in ethically sound investments, which provide safe, long term returns

A Collaborative Network

Henley Healthcare Investments develops genuine, responsible partnerships with Local Authorities, social workers, care operators and Registered Social Landlords to make available supported housing across the UK. Through this collaborative network of organisations we are able to help make it possible for vulnerable adults to truly have the opportunities many take for granted, and provide a real chance for people to choose and influence the ways in which they want to live.

All Henley Healthcare Investments housing is managed on long term leases by specialist Housing Associations, guaranteeing both Local Authorities and the individuals living in the houses a settled and long term home environment to call their own. All of this is then backed up by excellent housing management services underpinned by clear service level agreements.

Affordable, Cost Effective Solutions

It is widely accepted that people living more independently is not only morally the right thing to do, but also provides a clear cost saving to the public purse. At a time when Adult Social Care budgets are being cut back (average of 28%), whilst at the same time being pressured to improve services to an ever-increasing demand, it is clear something will give without a credible and deliverable alternative. The provision of supported housing can help commissioners meet these requirements.

Henley Healthcare Investments also work with Housing Associations (HA) to ensure the service that is provided is an affordable one. We also work on a cost transparent basis with Housing Benefit departments (HB) to ensure gross rents are reasonable and justified allowing the HA to provide the intensive housing management services to make supported housing schemes a success.

Senior Management Team

Andy Brandon


Andy Brandon is an experienced investment professional and one of the founding partners of the Henley private equity group, where he has worked for the last 13 years. During this time, Andy has held key roles as both CFO and CIO, and helped build a large multi-sector portfolio of residential and commercial investment properties in the UK, Europe and USA. Andy became the MD of Henley’s social investments business in July 2018.